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The Chester Cat The Chester Cat

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

this is different~

I haven't seen an outlook on the Chesire cat like this before! It looks like you used more eastern influences (festival mask, shodÃ… scroll?) but also in the personality. It looks less serious or sinister, and more conniving, or joking.

The drawing itself is very accurate and smooth, but the folds of the sleeves don't react to the position like his hair and accessories do. It doesn't really fit in.

I really hope you continue with this project, because it looks like it'll be fantastic :3

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Sasuke Sasuke

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

just a suggestion

Nice contrast of black and white lines, but one problem that stands out is that he looks off-balance. Next time, before you finish a figure, maybe you could line up a straight line or pencil through the middle. The head and middle should line up exactly,which will make the pose look more natural. The only other thing is the perspective of the mountains. Seeing as he's pretty close in perspective, the mountains should be a little more distant, since they look pretty large in comparison.
Other than that, excellent job :3 especially in portraying the character.

Steamular Punks Steamular Punks

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Geez Louis!~

you really captured the steampunk theme well here! Especially with Mechandra's hair. It compliments the entirety of the design, as well as the concept. The only verrrrry minor problem though, is the placement of wheels on Boyo's skates. it doesn't seem as though the wheels could handle shifting pressure, or too much use.The inspiration looks like it came from the early drafts of bicycles,which didn't support or move well at all. Overall though, the three characters and background look very well thought out, and well designed.

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VorRath responds:

Thank you for the comment!
Yes! Boyo's Skates are inspired by Penny Farthing Bicycles, and are steam powered!
I was just thought I would try combining weird things for my own steampunkish adventure!